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I WANT TO DIVE! You have already spent several summers visiting the beaches of Mexico; and you have managed to meet many beautiful places where you “snorkeled” with turtles, whale sharks or spent some time looking for fish among the...

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Interesting data about the whale shark

  WHALE SHARK Type: Fish Diet: Carnivore Size: 5.5 to 10 m. Weight: Approx. 20.6 ton Group name: School Status: Endangered N scientist: Rhincodon typus Globally, whale sharks occur in waters of more than 100 countries and have a wide distribution...

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Cenote Muyal-Ha: A trip to the underworld

By Diana Fragoso   Photo: Luis Andrade As if from a horror story, the first 30-meter dive at the Muyal-Ha cenote takes you between incredible passages of mist and petrified trees from a place that seemed forgotten, alone, hidden, of strange...

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