A strange creature called the Portuguese Fragata

A strange inhabitant of planet Earth

The vibrant colors and the strange body of these Hidrozoa invite you to take a closer look, but be careful! For those who get too close, this delicate creature can cause a painful sting.
Being built like a blown glass boat with an extended sail, gave it the nautical name of Carabela. It is also what allows this creature to go where the wind carries it, even when it means running aground on the beach.


The tentacles contain groups of cells that harbor tiny, hollow harpoons, called nematocysts. These barbed harpoons act as hypodermic needles, allowing the frigate to inject a potent mixture of venom into its victim.

The bite is deadly for small swimmers, except for the frigate fish, which lives and feeds among the tentacles of the Caravel. But the danger to people depends on the age of the victim and where it is stung.

You can find this creature in all the seas! Make sure you take a quick look and stay away from her.

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