PHANTOM DIVERS offers you to dive in the most exciting dive sites among the Riviera Maya, passing by the underwater museum in Isla Mujeres to a magnificent wreck dive in Puerto Morelos.


Discover the underwater museum in Isla Mujeres and a beautiful coral reef!
We take you to immerse in the waters surrounding our beautiful Isla Mujeres, where you will dive around  more than 450 life-size sculptures which are part of the monumental Museum of Contemporary Art, called MUSA (Underwater Art Museum) formed in 2009. 
Check in 10:00 am at Solo Buceo
9:00 am – 3:00 pm.
 1. Certified guide.
 2. 1-tank boat dive in MUSA – Underwater Museum.
 3. 1-tank boat dive in Cancun reefs.
 4. Beverages.
 5. Tanks and weights.
2 TANKS: $ 95 USD* (transportation to Cancun not included).
*Rental Equipment: $ 20 USD.
*Admission to the underwater park: $ 5 USD

2 Tank Dive:
On your first dive we will take you to discover the Submarine Museum in the waters surrounding Isla Mujeres, and for our second dive we will visit the beautiful coral reef  named Manchones is one of the favorite of the divers, since it has a coral bank of 12 kilometers long with unique formations, majestic schools of fish and a lot of flora that together create a universe of color of the impressive marine life that is ready to be discovered.

Check in 9:00 am at Solo Buceo
10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

1. A class where you will learn about the basics of scuba diving.
2. Exercises in shallow open water where you will practice the skills learnt in the theoretical part.
3. 1-tank boat dive in MUSA – Underwater Museum with a maximum depth of 45 feet.
4. 1-tank boat dive in Cancun reefs with a maximum depth of 45 feet.
5. Certified guide.
6. Beverages.
7. Rental equipment.
2 TANKS: $ 150 (transportation to Cancun not included).
*Admission to the underwater park: $5 USD

Wreck dive in C-54 gunboat and discover the wonderful reef in Puerto Morelos. For groups of 4 or more.
Check in 8:30 am (Phantom Divers) – 2:00 pm.
1. Transportation Playa del Carmen / Puerto Morelos.
2. Certified guide.
3. 2-tank boat dive.
4. Beverages.
5. Tanks and weights.

 2 TANKS: $120 USD   
Rental Equipment: $20 USD