Begin your adventure into a professional level of recreational diving with the PADI Divemaster program. By working closely with a PADI Instructor, you will expand your knowledge about diving and teaching diving courses, perfecting your skills up to the professional level.


1. Rescue Diver certification or the equivalent.
2. At least 40 logged dives.
3. Be at least 18 years old at the moment of starting the PADI DIVE MASTER training.
4. Medical release for diving, stating that the candidate is in good conditions to dive.
     The release cannot be older than 12 months. The doctor signing the release cannot be the candidate.
5. Certificate or proof of attending the primary care (CPR) and secondary care (First Aid). Such certificate cannot be older than 12 months.
6. Sign the responsibility release.
7. Dive insurance.

1. Complete knowledge review sections of the PADI Divemaster manual.
2. Create an emergency plan for a designated dive site  (2 dives).
3. Complete resistance training and skills in the water (5 exercises).
4. Complete the assessment of rescuing a diver (2 dives). 
5. Complete the workshop and dive skills evaluation (5 exercises). 
6. Complete practical application skills (6 dives).
7. Complete the workshops of programs led by a Divemaster.
8. Review of confined water skills.
9. Assist the Discover Scuba Diving program in confined water.
10. Assist the Discover Scuba Diving program (1 dive in open water).
11. Assist the Discover Local Diving program (1 dive in open water).
12. Complete practical assessments (2 dives).
13. Assist Open Water students in confined water.
14. Assist Open Water students in open water.
15. Assist students during their ongoing dive training in open water.
16. Assist open water certified divers.
The course includes 14 dives.

1. Meet the criteria of professionalism.
2. Provide proof of 60 logged dives documenting experience in deep diving, night diving and     underwater navigation.
3. Read and accept the License Agreement of PADI Membership.
 4. Meet the performance requirements for all the sections that are part of the Dive Master program.
Candidate Equipment (NOT INCLUDED)
During open water training, each DIVE MASTER candidate must be equipped with the right equipment for the diving environment. This gear is personal and essential:
– Fins
– Mask
– Snorkel
– Regulator
– Alternate Air Source
– BCD with low pressure inflator
– Weights with quick release system
– Wetsuit
– Watch
– Dive Computer
– Compass
– Whistle
– Inflatable buoy with line
– Dive knife

17000 MXN*
– Dive master crew pack with hologram    $7000 MXN
– PADI Application   $2380 MXN

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