During the Bull Shark season, when the sharks migrate to give birth or move for a few days to feed elsewhere, we offer the amazing STING RAY ENCOUNTER, on this dive the shark feeder will attract some rays close to the divers, this is an interactive and fun encounter with these beautiful creatures!

We will be diving with stingrays at 80 ft. This is a static dive where you will have to stay in your assigned place.

– Advanced divers or Open Water divers with more than 20 logged dives (if you don’t comply with this, you can do a check-out dive previous to the dive so the instructor can evaluate your diving skills).
– Good air consumption.
– Good equalization techniques.
– Listen carefully and follow the dive plan.
– Proper equipment (full wetsuit, no bright colors).

It is important that you conduct yourself as a good diver and follow the plan for your and the rest of the group’s safety.

Afternoon: Check in 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm


$ 2400 MXN
+ $ 400 MXN for rental equipment
NOTE: It is a good idea to check local weather conditions a couple of days before your arrival.

Message us. Service from 8am-4pm