About Bull Sharks

Actually the bull shark (Carcharhinus Leucas) is an opportunistic species that can grow up to 4 meters in length. This means that it feeds on many types of aquatic animals, especially fish, turtles, marine mammals and even other sharks.

Playa del Carmen is among the best places in the world to dive with bull sharks, and the warm water and good visibility allow us to appreciate with great satisfaction the beauty and elegance of these majestic predators in Playa del Carmen between November and March.


Our dive center, Phantom Divers, was the first one to offer the famous encounters feeding bull sharks in Playa del Carmen. What moves us is the passion to understand, discover and make known the mysteries that these amazing animals hide.

Join us to enjoy this unique experience!


In Mexico sharks are under the increasing pressure of the fishing industry. This is a very alarming reality for all shark lovers and the marine ecosystem. However, in order to advance with the conservation plans, it is necessary to know their movement patterns.


Our director Jorge Loria founded the Non-governmental Organization Saving Our Sharks* which is conducting extensive research on sharks’ movement patterns, through the use of acoustic and satellite telemetry, in order to locate the appropriate habitat for this species. These investigations are necessary to establish the correct times and areas for shark protection.


Phantom Divers team is aware of this reality, we are working directly with the NGO Saving Our Sharks to achieve the main goal: the CREATION OF A SHARK SANCTUARY IN THE MEXICAN CARIBBEAN COAST, which implies full protection of sharks in this area. When diving with Phantom Divers, you will also be supporting conservation.


Currently, Playa del Carmen is considered one of the best places in the world to perform this type of diving given the clarity of its waters and the number of specimens that can be observed in a single dive, PHANTOM DIVERS is PIONEER both in the DIVING with  bull sharks as in its CONSERVATION in the Mexican Caribbean,  we collaborate with different national and international NGOs for studying and protecting  sharks in the area.

We are participating in bull shark´s telemetry project to help collect information in order to create a Shark Sanctuary in our region  and learn more about their behavior.


When diving with PHANTOM DIVERS YOU will  be supporting this project and the care of the marine ecosystem since the value of 5 USD that you pay for the CONSERVATION BRACELET is destined to Saving Our Sharks ONG.

Within the years our community and colleagues became witness that it was possible to carry out diving activities with the BULL SHARK in PLAYA DEL CARMEN safely and at the same time to make divers aware of the importance of conservation of this species, since their importance is vital for the marine ecosystem,  due to this PHANTOM DIVERS feals the pride and satisfaction for the awards that we have received locally, as it encourage us to continue collaborating with  the conservation of marine ecosystems in the Mexican Caribbean through research, environmental education and training.


We still have a long way ahead, we hope to count on your participation.
Bull shark diving is an adventure you will never forget!

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