Night Diving at Playa del Carmen

Diving at night


Like a brush on a blank canvas, your lamp illuminates the nighttime reef, revealing a bright and lively landscape.

If you are like most divers, you will find night diving a fascinating and mysterious world. The regular dive sites become completely different. Even the flora and fauna change as creatures of darkness finally emerge.

Why dive at night?

The main reason why we dive at night is out of curiosity. For many divers; The night offers a sense of adventure and the possibility of exploring the unknown.

Aquatic life is one more reason to visit the reefs at night. At sunset, the animals that are active during the day retreat, and the nocturnal beings give life to the reef. Lobsters, crabs, blankets and octopi enjoy the dark space to move and feed.

One more reason is the vibrant colors of the fish and corals on the reefs. Water absorbs most of the colors as light passes during the day; but during the night, with the help of the lamp you can observe closely the colors that remain bright and real.

Finally; the schedule of the night dives allows you to do more dives in general giving you the possibility of doing a last dive before going to sleep.

And now…?

If you are interested in diving; Do not hesitate to contact us to learn about our night diving options and certifications.

If you are a certified diver:
Make your specialty as PADI Night Diver.
Certify yourself as PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.
Join us for a night dive on the reefs of Playa del Carmen.


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