Why do we love Playa del Carmen?

a beautiful place, with wonderful places to dive, a quiet pace, a cheerful and a simple community .. nightlife for those who like the moonlight, a lot of history for lovers of the old, incredible jungle v

  • because it is only 40 minutes from the airport int de cancun.
  • because it is arieties, animals, fish and people!
  • Playa del Carmen offers a variety of hotels for all budgets.
  • white coral beaches and the best dive shop
  • It is without a doubt PHANTOM DIVERS since this was just a small town with few fishermen
  • Today, Playa is one of the most important tourist centers in the world, although it still retains a traditional aspect!
  • come and visit us at Playa del carmen,
  • come to know the MESOAMERICANO reef with a great variety of coral, fish and big animals.

Playa del carmen has it all !!!
Take care of the water, take care of your planet!


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