What is good and what is wrong? About the Lionfish on the Reefs of PDC …

Phantom Divers’s point of view on the Lionfish is very different from what people think. We do not want to kill the Lionfish, but we do want to show the other fish that they can eat it, because now they do not know it since it is a new organism in this natural environment.

We are clear that man will never be able to finish with the Lionfish because it is not our nature to do it and it does not correspond to us, but we can contribute to its integration to the ecosystem that they have invaded, and that they are themselves a natural part of the food chain . We believe that it is the only way that the plague is controlled.

That is why we must act. In the last weeks we have been interacting and experimenting certain eradication techniques of this species.
Our instructors have continued with the capture program only now, instead of taking them out, we leave them on the seabed so that other species can eat them.

Another Technique that has been used and has given many positive results is “feeding”. On several occasions the fish has been killed and the moray eels fed.
Clear! We are aware that it is not recommended but nevertheless we have shown that it could have natural predators in this area.

So, possibly (and hopefully in the not too distant future) the same morays may be hunting and helping to control this invasive species of our beloved Mexican Caribbean.

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