They are already here! We are going to see Whale Sharks !!

When I fell into the water I remembered when I was little and my parents talked a lot about marine life. I lived and grew on the seashore, I often contemplated the different facets that the sea teaches you and in which they become the most exquisite emotions. I also talked about huge animals that spent their lives traveling around the world … among other curious things more … The first time I observed the structure of this majestic creature I stopped the imagination of those fantastic stories that my parents told me in childhood and I was able to experience those images that had been around in my head for a long time ago. I could not believe I was swimming with the whale sharks, one of the largest species in the world accompanied by big stingrays and huge turtles, a very special trip, a trip that crossed the barriers of my dreams because I could enjoy and share a space and a time that will be recorded in my unforgettable memories.

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