The House of the Butterflies!

You want the whole family or friends, with whom you are on vacation, to enjoy to the fullest, even when you are diving.

We have a super option for them! While you enjoy the wonders of the Mexican Caribbean, you can go visit “The House of the Butterflies”.

It is a very beautiful place to enjoy pure nature divided into 2 parts.

The first, with an open garden where butterflies were attracted in a completely natural way and where you can find more than 500 species, such as Blue Morpho or Papillus, depending on the season of the year.

In the second part, which is a closed greenhouse, more controlled section, where you can find more than 10 different native species.
On the way, you can admire exotic plants and orchids and learn how to identify Mayan medicinal plants!

The objective of this site is the protection of the natural environment of the region of the Yucatan Peninsula, and the rest of the world as well, while spending time with family or friends in an area surrounded by many exotic plants and wonderful species.

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