Phantom Divers Shark Specialty

In Phantom Divers when you dive with shark, you can also do the distinct PADI specialty of shark watcher. With this specialty you are certifying yourself as an observer of sharks and at the same time you are donating to the Saving Our Sharks Foundation for the conservation of the bull shark of Playa del Carmen.

The purpose of the Shark Observer is to have a better understanding of the different species of sharks and to help their conservation.

The goals of the certification are:
Learn more about shark species, their characteristics and habits.
Being able to dive with sharks safely.
Identify the possible risks and how to prevent them in the observation dives.
Create an awareness for the protection of these species.

For PADI and Phantom Divers it is important that at the end of the course you are a diver capable of recognizing the characteristics and habits of different sharks, specifically those with whom you will be diving. Also your general knowledge about the species will become much more specific you will learn about the best things like the senses of sharks and the importance of sharks in the marine ecosystem.

Finally, you will be able to analyze why and where most accidents occur, and how to prevent them.

This certification will also cover topics on how to equip yourself for a shark dive, what is the appropriate behavior, how to know if a shark is nervous and what should be done, what to do in case of proximity or an accident and the most important thing You can do your conservation.

This last issue is very important for us at Phantom Divers since we want all our divers to be aware of the importance of this great animal. We want to create admiration and respect in society to achieve changes in Playa del Carmen and the world in general. For this we need people to be informed and interested in taking care of our oceans and the life that lives in them.


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