NIGHT DIVING in the Riviera Maya: A spell dive!

The night dives offer the curious visitors fun adventures under the light of the moon, when the sun has been hidden the underwater party begins. A short distance from the coast the reefs transform their scenery and prepare the welcome to the nocturnal fish that feed at this time of day. It is not surprising if in one of those you see large octopuses, moray eels, crabs, angel fish, groupers, parrots queens, chapin stick, among others. Something else that night dives offer you is the luminescence effect; In a moment of diving the instructor will lead the group to a sandy area and ask them to make a circle, turn off their lamps, move their hands in front of them and enjoy the show: particles will turn bright before your eyes in the middle of a complete darkness. are some of the reasons why when you travel to the Caribbean you should not miss these dives. We guarantee you a dive of Caribbean charm! Dive safe, fun, dive with PHANTOM DIVERS.

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