Perhaps it will sound strange to many of us who know that this marine species is authentic of the Western Pacific and Oceania; since in recent months the presence of the Lion fish (Pterois volitans) has increased in the Mexican Caribbean. It is a fish that stands out for its beauty and training but at the same time is devastating for the ecosystem. Recently, a meeting was called with the diving shops of La Riviera Maya, where PHANTOM DIVERS attended to follow the indications that the Institutions, as professionals of the Theme, offer us to help the planet. We are committed to our life teacher, it is a way of thanking nature for all the gifts it gives us in the Mexican Caribbean. The lion fish can reach 38 cm and weigh 1200 gr, it is a territorial fish that sometimes swiftly swings towards the aggressor to wound him with his thorns. All the thorns of the lion fish are poisonous and their sting, although relatively painless at first, is extremely painful after a while, depending on the poison received. They are carnivores that feed on small fish, crustaceans and mollusks and are remarkably quick to adapt to consume new prey.

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