Learn more about Influenza in the Mexican Caribbean

“It’s not an epidemic … It’s an infodemia.” After saying that on CNN today, travel author Peter Greenberg announced he was headed to Cancun this week, citing some of the lowest air fares in history, including $ 150 USD (before taxes) to the roundtrip air tickets New York-Cancun! This has been a scenario of “good news – bad news”. The good news is that – hour by hour – the recent outbreak of flu seems to be much less threatening than has been endlessly speculated in the press during the past week. The bad news is that travel and the hospitality industry has been devastated by the day of judgment, scenarios ad nausea discussed in the tabloid press. It is particularly bad coming on the heels of the latest media theater – the threat posed to tourists by the wave of Mexican crime. Needless to say, tourists were not affected during that hype of the media. The reality is that the entire Mexican Caribbean – is healthier, safer and more affordable than ever. There are no “epidemic” masks, practically no crime and people are still kissing in the street and partying all night. Visit and see with your own eyes! Up to Mexico and its spectacular paradises like the Riviera Maya! Www.PHANTOMDIVERS.com

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