In PHANTOM DIVERS we are committed to our world participating in promoting the care of our environment, especially the seas, due to our similarity with the earth, we are composed of 3/4 parts of water and water is a vital element for our body and for our earth. Next June 5th, we will celebrate World Environment Day and on June 8 is the  Day of the Oceans. Together we form a better environment to live, our quality of life depends a lot on our consumption habits, if we all do our part we will have the world we have always dreamed of. Riviera Maya we are grateful for all the kindness that nature has given us and that is why we want to share with you this accompanied by lots of fun. Imagine yourself swimming in our reefs full of life and color or immerse yourself in them discovering new worlds. Visiting the Cenotes so full of Mayan history or enjoying the swim with one of the biggest species of our planet earth: the whale shark.Let us seduce you with the charms of MEXICO and come and live them with us!

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