Join our snorkel tour to see the sailfish

The Vela fish is the fastest fish that exists, reaches a speed of 30 meters per second, reaching a distance of 110 km per hour. Just to have a parameter imagine that this fish can travel an Olympic pool in less than a second! This is a fantastic fact!

This species: Istiophorus platypterus is a migratory species.

Sailfish usually travel alone or in very small groups. It is carnivorous and eats small fish as blue runners. The start of the season is in January and ends in March.

Bluewater snorkeling is our new and most exciting tour in Phantom Divers. According to the season, we left 12 miles away from the coasts in search of large migratory species.

Approximately in an hour we will be arriving in the area, and then we start looking.
Sometimes we find them quickly, other times it takes longer to find them.
We usually look for birds, which feed on the surface and indicate activity below the surface.

Besides the sailfish, we have great possibilities to see dolphins, false kiwhales, silky sharks. As well as pelagic fish. Phantom Divers recommends this snorkel tour, since it gives you the opportunity to get to know the pelagic life without knowing how to dive!


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