Importance of Buoyancy

Why is it so important?

Improving your buoyancy skills is not only convenient for divers, but also useful to enjoy the benefits of it and have a good dive.

When you complete the PADI Maximum Performance in Buoyancy course; You will find six reasons to improve your skills.

1. Dives with less effort. You have the control. swim, descend and perform your safety stop with little effort. You are more relaxed and diving is even more fun.

2. Dive for longer because you reduce your air consumption. The less energy you apply, the less air you breathe. When diving effortlessly, your tank lasts much longer.

3. You have better interaction with aquatic life. The divers who control their buoyancy, move in a calm, fluid and precise way, just like any aquatic animal. You fit better and you get closer without generating disturbances.

4. Preserve and take care of the marine ecosystem. When they keep you away from the bottom and avoid kicking corals and organisms, you do not generate any negative effects on the environment and leave the opportunity for other divers to enjoy it.

5. You maintain good visibility. Divers with poor buoyancy kick the bottom, raising sediment and reducing visibility depending on the type of soil you are on. The main cause of poor visibility during diving is due to the bad buoyancy of some diver in front of you. Therefore it is important to care for buoyancy and control movements.


6. Prolong the life of your diving equipment. The divers who control their buoyancy are much more careful with the diving equipment. Avoid scrapes, punctures and cuts that result from the crash against the rocks and corals in the background. You do not carry so many weights, so you do not have time on your knees or elbows.

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Info via PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy manual.

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