How to maintain neutral floatability

Maintaining neutral buoyancy is the key to excellent diving. Also, the buoyancy control is very good for the marine environment since it prevents you from crashing into the coral reef and damaging the natural underwater habitat.

Phantom Divers got you the best advice:

· Use the right amount of weight. If the weight is properly placed and you maintain normal breathing, you should float at eye level. Then you can go slowly sinking to relax and exhale completely, making sure to empty all the air out of your BC, and your lungs.
· If you sink quickly means you carry a lot of weight!
· Always adjust your weight for what you are wearing and where you are diving, remember that the water temperature influences.
· It is important to place you in a horizontal position as soon as possible. Add small amounts of air to your BCD to descend slower and reach the end with neutral buoyancy.
· Remember that the dive tank will be lighter during the dive so you will have to have more control.
· Relax and breathe normally a little air can make a big difference.
· For a subtle adjustment, try using a breathing control first before using your BCD inflator. You can adjust the buoyancy, simply by taking a deep breath or exhaling.
· Always remember not to hold your breath.

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