Experience swimming with the Whale Shark

The sighting of the Whale Sharks every year in the Riviera Maya fills us with joy and amazement. The lengths of this majestic species reach up to 16m and weigh 12 tons. The whale shark is the largest of the fish that live in our oceans, it is found in tropical-warm waters.

The first signal arrives in May when a whale shark is suddenly seen swimming alone in the high seas and it is understood that the arrival of the others starts from here. The frenzy and the apogee extend until the month of September.

It will be a long day full of adventures, in a comfortable boat that has the capacity to transport 10 people. A day that will bring the mixture of environmental conditions where the water temperature rises to 27 ° C. Throughout the trip we offer water, soft drinks and fruits; When we finish swimming with the sharks, they can enjoy a rich piglet cake (typical food of the region). For those who do not eat meat, we give them granola biscuits or vegetarian baguettes.

To enjoy the most possible of this trip, we gather at 6.45 in the morning in Cancun, for a continental breakfast for everyone. Then, we leave at 7am to Isla Contoy which is located north of Cancun and the estimated trip is approximately 1.30 hrs. During this time the instructors explain what we are going to see, the precautions that we have to take and the history of whale sharks and why they migrate to this waters.

Not only will they see whale sharks, but you can also see dolphins, turtles or stingrays. This trip is truly an incredible time to connect with marine life and see the behavior of these animals in their natural habitat.

Upon reaching the sighting area, we get ready to go snorkel. The guide enters the water with only 2 people at a time, other people wait in the boat and then repeat the swim with the whale shark.
To carry out this tour they have 5 boats that cover all the requirements of the law, in addition that the guides are perfectly trained giving you greater security, comfort and have taken all the courses that the authority suggests.

We arrived in Cancun at 2.30pm after a unique adventure. The guides are very well trained, they are professionals and we assure you that at the end of this unforgettable experience you will leave with the desire to return very soon.

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