Diving with bull shark: Security guide

The most awaited season of the year in Playa del Carmen is winter, as it is when we receive the famous Tiburón Toro.

This dive has become popular in recent years and divers from all over the world travel to experience this great experience.

The experience of recent years has given us the opportunity to have an association like Saving Our Sharks in favor of the conservation and protection of the Bull Shark. From the hand of SOS is that a manual of good diving practices has been created to fulfill the main objective of this activity: safety for the shark and for divers.

In search of offering (safety as a rule of thumb) always the best experience for all divers is the manual of good practices has been created in which a specific schedule has been stipulated (not for each store if not for stores that do feeding ) for each dive shop in Playa del Carmen to do observation diving and attraction diving and safety rules that must be met.

During the attraction dives of Phantom Divers the staff consists of:
security guides

One of the most important functions of the safety guide, as its name says, is to ensure that the standards stipulated in the good practices manual are being met.

During shark diving, certain rules are stipulated, such as not wearing bright colors, wearing long wetsuit, not wearing selfie sticks, etc. so that is why it is in charge of ensuring that all these rules are being met before arriving on the ship.

Since the attraction dive is a static dive, it is the one that provides the divers with extra weight that they normally use (2 kilos or 4 pounds).

Once they are on the boat, they make sure that everyone has the equipment ready and when entering the water it is the one who will position all the divers correctly, since all the divers are in their safe position, who gives the signal to the feeder. You can start with the attraction.

During the attraction dive the safety guide is positioned behind the feeder since it is who takes care that sharks do not approach from the sides while feeding, making use of a safety stick. It is also on the lookout to remove any bait that is floating, is aware of the air supply of all divers and not to block or interrupt the free escape path of the shark.

The safety guide is who gives the signal to the feeder that the dive time is over, and lets the divers know he is about to start the climb.

With information from Charlie Estrabeau, Marco Fernandéz and Manual of Good Practices of Shark Bull.

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