Diver? Yogi? Lifestyles in Playa del Carmen

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Text written by: Laura Torres

There has been talk lately of the relationship that exists between diving and the practice of yoga and that these two activities converge in two factors: breathing and constancy of practice.
The main rule of diving is to never stop breathing, the same happens in the practice of yoga where the control of breathing is of great importance to achieve the main objective.

The positions that are made during the practice of yoga exert great influence for people who practice diving.
It has been found in recent research that there is a favorable outcome in many aspects when the person who practices this activity dives.
As is well known during the practice of yoga, corporal and mental strength can be achieved,
On the other hand those people who dive are also different from the rest of the people
They have perceived and witnessed a life completely different from the terrestrial one and that is why the vision is extended, what happens with the yoga practitioners who start to follow a difficult path but full of information: the path towards oneself.



It is then when this is combined and a miracle is present.
A miracle is to see every day a sea and all its gifts.
Feel the breeze and have that feeling that everything is fine,
that life is a gift and that we can enjoy it.


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