Dive with manta rays in Playa del Carmen

The rays are part of the same family as sharks, they live in the warm tropical waters of the world, so it is common to see them during your dives in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

There are many species of rays, which can measure up to 1.8 m in diameter and weigh 1,400 kilos! In Playa del Carmen the most common views by the divers are: the Chuchuo, the sand ray and the ray of thorns.

Some characteristics are:

• They swim by moving their pectoral fins, so it looks like they are flying.
• They use smell to find food because they have their eyes on the top of their heads.
• It feeds on mollusks, small crustaceans or plankton.
• Generally, they have removers stuck to the bottom, looking for leftovers from their diet.
• They have a very particular method of defense, which consists of a sting
poisonous located in the tail. This helps them to attack their predators when the manta rays are buried in the sand.

Phantom Divers awaits you, the rays are some of the favorite, interesting and most mysterious species of the marine world!


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