Discovering Diving in the Mexican Caribbean!

If you have wondered how it feels to breathe under water and how everything is seen in the underwater world … and you are not sure to take your certification yet … you have the opportunity to take the Discovery Scuba Diving Program!

An instructor will start with a small theoretical class, where he will teach you the basic tools you need to know, for example how water pressure affects you, the names of the different parts of the equipment, the most important signals that you will use in the water to communicate with your companions, the way to jump in the water or how you have to react if you have water in your mask!
Then, you will practice the exercises on the beach with the help of your instructor.
Once you can do them without the help of the instructor and you are comfortable breathing in the water, you will dive 2 different reefs deep into the Mexican Caribbean in the Mayan Riviera with lots of fish of all possible colors … maybe some turtles!
Of course, if you like this unique experience, you can continue your course and have your certification!

Do not wait any longer and come and try our fantastic Scuba Diving Experience in Playa del Carmen with our highly experienced instructors!

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