Cause for the bull shark at Playa del Carmen

One of the objectives of Phantom Divers is to continue fighting for the welfare of the ecology and health of the reefs.

The cause of the bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) in Playa del Carmen is a very important aspect for the well-being of the reefs. Phantom Divers collaborates with a nonprofit organization called Saving Our Sharks. Our goal is to protect sharks; the signal of a healthy reef.

In order to determine a better future for sharks in the Riviera Maya, saving our sharks has created a justified plan of action with strategies based on scientific research, public dissemination, and government legislation. To be able to establish a shark sanctuary; another object is extremely important is to be able to integrate all the interests of the parties involved; Including fishermen and dive shops.

The main reason for this project is the collection of data, in order to create a conservation strategy with evidence to effectively protect sharks.

Saving our sharks is spearheading the first steps for the registration and analysis of data with the specific objective of bull sharks. Previously, in the Riviera Maya there has not been any type of research on the behavior of sharks. These first steps are fundamental to address non-existent knowledge regarding sharks. The information gathered as; Patterns of migration, general behavior, and birth sites allow us to determine the specific areas, you need to monitor and protect to be able to protect them.

One of the first things that they usually ask themselves is: Why so much research? What is the purpose and use of this?

These questions were answered by the Saving Our Sharks team.

In the first place, all the data collected from the studies that are being developed in the Riviera Maya are being used to identify the size and main activities of the shark population. Other extremely important data are: division by sex, movements in relation to food and in relation to each other.

This type of information helps us understand the difference between the behavior of male and female sharks. It also provides knowledge about the migration, life cycle, mortality rates and reproductive life of sharks, all these aspects are essential to understand the population dynamics of sharks.

This is important to understand the need to protect sharks, the season in which they are the most vulnerable, as well as breeding and mating areas. The objective is to use the data in order to create a network of protected areas so that the sharks are safe and able to reproduce successfully.

All data is collected and analyzed by a team of scientists, who use the most efficient equipment to record as much information as possible. For this Saving Our Sharks is based on the use of satellite brands and the acoustic telemetry system to collect the necessary data.

In the next post of our blog Phantom Divers will continue to explain the equipment and procedures carried out in order to understand and study sharks in order to create a successful sanctuary with results.

Join the fight, contribute, be part of a solution, let’s help our reefs that we admire so much!


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