Bracelet from Saving Our Sharks

Every winter in Playa del Carmen we received a special visit: Tiburón Toro.

During the shark season, each time the dive is done, a Saving Our Sharks bracelet is purchased, which is a $ 5usd donation for SOS.

As many of us already know, the association Saving Our Sharks in Playa del Carmen is really committed to the protection and conservation of the Bull Shark.

This association has as main objectives the education, monitoring and labeling of sharks. This project helps to collect information to have greater understanding of these species.


There are two types of tagged for sharks:
Internal: it requires the capture, incision to introduce it and suture, then it is released.
External: It is applied by means of a fishing lance to the side of the dorsal fin.

The transmitters send a signal that has a reception radius of 500m to 1km. The receiver is located in specific places to know if the observed sharks are the same ones that have been seen in previous years.

20 receivers are currently installed along the Mexican Caribbean coast.

This type of activity is of utmost importance since it is necessary to continue collecting information for research purposes that will allow us to understand them, work with them for their protection. These studies require expensive equipment and materials, so the donation of all divers is very important.

With information from Saving Our Sharks

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